Almond Cream Wax Melts


Scent Description

A creamy delight with top notes of acerola fruit, shea nut, and heliotrope flower. This almond goodness will sweeten any space!

Product Description

The Maddison Avenue tarts are a wonderful way to mix and match scents. Packaged in a snap pack that break apart like a candy bar. Pop 2-3 in a tart warmer for long lasting fragrance. Made of creamy soybean wax. Tarts are a great way to fragrance your home, dorm or office effortlessly. Use in tea light or electric warmers or melters for a quick burst of aroma! Scented tarts can even be mixed to create your own unique blend by breaking off cubes from different aromas and melting them together.

Soy wax tarts are amazingly powerful and enjoyable – AND – easy to clean up. After the wax cools and hardens, simply pop out of melter and replace with a fresh scented wax cube. You will appreciate their ability to quickly melt, producing FAST AROMAS and then quickly cool when melter is extinguished.

The approximate aroma time is 15-25 hours.