Cotton Breeze Farmhouse Pantry Jar Candle



Scent Description

a clean, fresh scent reminiscent of freshly laundered linens; light and airy, with subtle notes of crisp, white cotton and a hint of powder; soothing, comforting aroma that evokes a sense of purity and simplicity, perfect for creating a calming and inviting atmosphere in any space

Product Description

Our Farmhouse Pantry Jar candles are a beautiful representation of a modern country comfort for any home or space! Each jar comes with a beautiful USA-made oak wood lid. All farmhouse pantry jars are double wick!

All Maddison Avenue candles include a bean next to the wick.

Burn Time

8oz Burn Time: 75+ hours

16oz Burn Time: 110+ hours

20oz Burn Time: 125+ hours

** Average burn times depend on the amount of drafts, size wick is kept trimmed, fragrance type, etc.