Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Clear Spa Glass Jar Candle



Scent Description

You know how whipping up your favorite batch of brownies makes the whole house smell warm, cozy, and yummy? That’s exactly what Chocolate Dipped Strawberry does BUT you won’t be tempted to consume extra calories. Or maybe it will inspire you to bake… who knows?

Product Description

This clear Spa Tumbler jar is a classic straight-sided jar with a thick glass base and it continues to be our best-selling jar – in all 3 sizes! Soothe your senses with Maddison Avenue’s 100% soy candle. Made with pure soybean wax and lead-free wicks. Hand-poured in the USA. The classy and sophisticated Spa Tumbler series is especially nice for those times when candlelight is needed to set the mood! This line was created for the Spas at Walt Disney World.

All Maddison Avenue candles include a bean next to the wick.

Burn Time

3oz Burn Time: 15+ hours

7.5oz Burn Time: 35+ hours

14oz Burn Time: 70+ hours

** Average burn times depend on the amount of drafts, size wick is kept trimmed, fragrance type, etc.